This application implements a OAuth2 login flow that creates regular Django User objects with an associated OpenHumansMember object to interface with Open Humans. It furthermore offers a variety of methods to interact with those members and their data.

This project is it’s own small Django application that you can re-use in your own larger Django project. Under the hood it is using the Python library open-humans-api to interface with the APIs of Open Humans.


  • Allow users to login your app with an Open Humans account
  • Handles all of the OAuth2 workflow for you
  • Manage your project’s files on Open Humans
    • Upload files
    • Delete files
    • Access existing files
  • Message users
  • Provide a hook to automatically delete data from members that de-authorize you on Open Humans

Example use cases

This library has been used in a variety of projects that interface with Open Humans. Here are some examples:

Getting in touch

Our code is on GitHub and we are always happy about code & documentation contributions as well as bug reports! To get in touch more directly you can join us on Slack!