class openhumans.models.OpenHumansMember(*args, **kwargs)

Data storage, auth, etc. related to an Open Humans member account.

exception DoesNotExist
exception MultipleObjectsReturned
classmethod create(oh_id, data, user=None)

Create an Open Humans member, and corresponding User, if not provided.

  • oh_id – This field is the Openhumans id.
  • data – This field contain data related to access token and refresh token.
  • user – This field’s default value is None.
delete_single_file(file_id=None, file_basename=None)

Deletes a file. Specify file_id or file_basename but not both.

  • file_id – This field is the file id of the file to be deleted.
  • file_basename – This field is the file basename of the file to be deleted. It’s default value is None.
get_access_token(client_id='OPENHUMANS_CLIENT_ID', client_secret='OPENHUMANS_CLIENT_SECRET')

Return access token. Refresh first if necessary.

static get_auth_url()

Gets the authentication url.

classmethod get_create_member(data, user=None)

use the data returned by ohapi.api.oauth2_token_exchange and return an oh_member object


List files.

message(subject, message)

Send messages.

  • subject – This field is the subject of the message.
  • message – This field is the message which is to be send.
classmethod oh_code_to_member(code)

Exchange code for token, use this to create and return OpenHumansMember. If a matching OpenHumansMember already exists in db, update and return it.

upload(stream, filename, metadata, file_identifier=None)

Upload file to Open Humans.


Ensure a unique username. Probably this never actually gets used.